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As I make more stuff, this site will get bigger.

For now, support my kids’ book, White Squirrel Colorful World.

App, puzzle card game: June 2017

Single player puzzle game for mobile and desktop devices.

Song: April 1st 2017

Release finished song (silly).

Adventure-mystery, March 14th 2017

A Richard Crane Mystery, The Lost Manuscript.

Feb 14th 2017: finishing…

Two Cornelius whimsical romance novellas, The Mason and the Baker

Dec 2016: finishing…

kids’ book, Hector the Gentle Alligator

& Chistmas story, Help! I’m Stuck in a Hallmark Christmas Story, Egads!

NaNoWriMo 2016: A Magical-romance

Half a Love Story as Authored by Cornelius Hightower

New Crazy Story, fall 2016:

The Trillogy Saga

 First Public & Finished Project, Jan 2016

White Squirrel Colorful World