Series: Romantic-fantasy with magic related to elemental powers.  A meeting between a young smuggler and a more established and highly refined woman.  Both are escaping their responsibilities and bond over their shared, irreverent spirit.

Author: Cornelius Hightower

Major Characters: The Smuggler (Alfonso), The Princess (Calista), The Colonel, The Maid, The Knight (Mauricio).

Minor Characters: A baker (Flavia), a veteran (Stefano), a waif, an innkeep (Elena), a mason (Lorenzo).

[The Usual Disclaimer: The links on this page are all of first draft, rough, rough draft chapters.  Your comments are what keep me going and motivated to polish them for a final copy!]

Ch1: A Meeting in the Midnight Hour

In which we meet the bumbling hero, a smuggler.  He stumbles upon a mysterious woman.  They cannot see each other because the moon is new, but they still feel a natural, mutual attraction.

Ch2: Finding the Narrator

In which we decide who the heck is narrating this thing.

Ch3: Meeting the Baker

The mysterious woman of the night leads the hero to one of her favorite places in the city.

Ch4: The Second Date: Seeing the Face

Camilla, the woman of the night, prepares for their second date with nervousness and anticipation.

Ch5: Meeting the Innkeep

Camilla introduces Alfonzo, the smuggler, to another of her friends, the innkeeper.

Ch6: The Third Date: She Pushes Me Off A Cliff

As the title implies, Alfonzo gets pushed violently from edge of building and falls to his death.

Ch7: Asleep in the Arms of the One You Love

The two lovers have their first fight, but end up in each other’s arms.

Ch8: In the Lonely Week

Alfonzo misses Camilla.

Ch9: Saving the Princess

Alfonzo takes drastic action.

Ch10: Security Clearance

Alfonzo gets checked out.

Ch11: The Thrill is Gone

Our heroes lose their way.

Ch12: Dye Job

Alfonzo can finally walk around in the sunshine!

Ch13: The Break-up

Our heroes go even further than losing their way, they destroy all bridges so they get stranded along The Way!

Ch14: The Alliance

Princess Calista comes to a head with her mother, but finds some common ground with the Colonel.

Ch15: The Hunt for the Foreigner

Princess Calista is held hostage by her station.

Ch16: Preventing His Capture

Princess Calista fights against her guardian and escapes in the night, looking for Alfonso… who is wanted for murder!

Ch17: Healing the Enemy

The enemy is healed.

Ch18: An Uneasy Truce

The many factions within this drama agree to stand down.  Everyone agrees to reset their impressions, but is that possible for the bitterest of enemies?

Ch19: Another Agreement

Yet another agreement between Alfonso and Camilla.  They make a month long pact, will it last?

Ch20: An Awkward Exchange

Alfonso burns with anger over how the Colonel treats his wife.  He agrees to a reckless course of action that puts his life, Camilla’s life, and the life of their friends in jeopardy.

Ch21: Commiseration with Mauricio

Mauricio bonds with the Colonel, and learns of the death of a major character.

Ch22: At Last, A Child

At a moving funeral, one main character learns that she is pregnant.

Ch23: The Last Resistance

Alfonso finally breaks down because it is the last day of the thirty day pact he had with Camilla.  He is lost and vengeful.

Ch24: A Month Has Passed

Alfonso is so emotional that he confesses who his parents are.  You’re never going to believe it!

Ch25: Betrayed

Alfonso’s trust was apparently misplaced because he is captured by the King’s men and taken away in chains!

Ch26: The Catacombs

Alfonso is thrown in the Catacombs and tortured for information.  We learn the true author of this story is not Cornelius Hightower.

Ch27: Tears on the Rooftop

Half a love story comes to a close with plenty of heartbreak, tears and broken promises.  So much for a romance novel!