Cortland Söderström is an author of short stories in the grand tradition of Literary fiction.  He was born and raised in Västerås, Sweden.  He now lives in Stockholm with his wife of thirty years and their Australian Cattle Dog, Mousy, who does a good job of herding the grandchildren when they visit.

Cortland loves to travel the world through his writing and is especially fond of dabbling in the vein of magic realism, like Jorge Luis Borges and Isabel Allende.  In his stories, the mundane experiences of the lowliest citizens co-mingle with mythical fatalism across cultures, across continents and across time.

Short Story Collections:

The Journey of Undy Wursterson

Undy has been sent back in time, for what he assumes is a very important mission.  But he has lost a lot of his memories along the way.  And he’s in the middle of the United States, surrounded by corn.  The family he meets seems so familiar… Oh, that’s right.  The eleven year old girl with the vivid red hair is his wife’s long-dead great-grandmother.  What a coincidence.

Like a Tree in Beijing

A middling office worker is frustrated by his job.  His frustration results in uncontrollable bouts of transformation.  First, his lunch is stolen by a monkey, then his popcorn turns to flower buds… from an extinct species of flowers.  Eventually, he turns his office building into a fig tree that is as tall as a skyscraper.  Each floor of the transformed building contains secrets.  Some people in the city are drawn to the tree with reverence, others want to destroy it.

Bride of the Western Desert


Death for Schoolchildren

An app on a smartphone tells you exactly when you are going to die.  The teacher is not amused by the prankster’s antics.  The teachers considers this dumb app is just one more way the kid tries to get attention.  The boy is relentless.  When the troublemaker turns the app on himself, he’s alarmed to see the that his time is marked in seconds.  When the clock strikes zero, Death walks into the classroom.



The Wolstein Gene

A family in Georgia raises orangutans in an abandoned petting zoo.  They make a living by selling a peculiarly tasty, juice drink that is as tart as lemonade, but remarkably distinct.  The more famous the family becomes, the more they worry about the government realizing where the intense flavors come from.