Series: A family of farmers with an abandoned orangutan petting-zoo must cope with insurmountable, existential threats.  When a savior arrives, the Wolsteins call it a miracle, and a menace.

Author: Cortland Söderström

Major Characters: Timmy (the boy), Chrissy (the girl), DB57 (a decommissioned cyborg), Grandpap (the original orangutan farmer).

Minor Characters: Tim (the dad, a school teacher), (the mother, a Wolstein Woman), Margot (an independent woman), The Chihuahua (a grandmother, grandpap’s wife)

[The Usual Disclaimer: The links on this page are all of first draft, rough, rough draft chapters.  Your comments are what keep me going and motivated to polish them for a final copy! ]

1: Popculturous!

The Wolstein daughter ran away from home.  Now she’s in New York, trying to get to Tokyo and she’s bit off more than she can chew.

2: Orangugroves

The Wolstein son is stuck working the family lemonade stand.  He hates it.  All he wants to do is go back and work with the orangutans, but his grandpap won’t let him.

3: Pass 9: 12% consolidated

A cyborg assassin encounters a complication on a routine mission.  He wasn’t built for complications, but he’s beginning to suspect he doesn’t know the real reason he was created.  The cyborg suspects there might be some rogue programming in his system, rich means he’s ready for the decommission protocol.

4: I Will Rise

The Wolstein husband left his father’s farm to start a new life.  His new wife is pregnant.  His job as a school teacher isn’t adequate.  He contemplates returning to the family farm, the orangutans and all they come with.

5: Hypochondora

The Wolstein woman gets roped into a newfangled technology that is said to increase productivity.  It seems too good to be true.  She noticed a side effect in her co-worker, he’s incredibly perky and energetic.  Disturbingly so.

6: Pass 10: retirement

A cyborg assassin is given his last assignment.  Little did he realize that he was being hunted… by a younger, smarter, faster version of the killer cyborg technology.

7: Margot Wolstein

At the beginning of the US entry into World War II and the height of anti-Japanese fever, Margot accepts a marriage proposal before her boyfriend goes off to war.  When she returns to her home, it is burning to the ground along with three other row-houses.  Her Japanese neighbors are nowhere to be seen.  She makes the impulsive decision to find and care for her neighbor’s orphaned kids and move back East.  There’s nothing left tying her to San Diego.

8: A Small Sadness

Margot died a long time ago, but her husband, a World War II veteran, lived to an infirm age.  He receives a visitor when he’s on his deathbed.

9: The Chihuahua

The orangutan farmer had a wife with severe Alzheimer’s.  She is suddenly cured… perfectly cured.  A miracle?  Or a menace?