Deep Nine is a collective of restless fishes who write gritty noir fiction set in the freshwater cities, mostly in the Ninth Depth, from where the author’s got their name.


Not a Finn Was Given

Finn, a rookie beat cop is temporarily promoted to work on a massive case involving several brutal, cultishly-tinged serial murders.  Captain Crapp is tested by the killer in a battle of wits like he has never experienced before.  Teal, a beautiful and talented reporter, looks to get a big scoop on the story of the year and ends up in the cross-hairs of the killer… or killers.  Sister Tika and Sister Maube must reluctantly show strong and unexpected leadership if they want their treasured convent, and religion, to survive the swirling confluence of powers that conspire to push the Sisterhood to extinction.

Not a Finn to Swim On

Not a Finn to Finnish