Don Frazier is a resident of Oberlin, Ohio.  He writes adventure-mysteries about the things he sees in small-town Ohio.  His main focus is on the Richard Crane series of mysteries which revolve around the unaccounted wealth of the late, great Richard Crane, a noted philanthropist, specialist of Middle-Eastern art, and co-writer of the prescient King-Crane Report of 1919.


The Lost Manuscript: A Richard Crane Mystery #1

Don Frazier has his first clue to finding his long sought after treasure, Richard Crane’s collection of Civil War Era slave narratives.  The manuscript has never been found, and if it were published, Don would be doing a great service to the history of the country.  Also, there is also the personal glory attached to completing such an extensive treasure hunt.

The Unwanted Treasure: A Richard Crane Mystery #2

Don and the team are whisked around the world on an international treasure hunt that draws bitter enemies into a temporary alliance.  All personal feelings are put on hold to solve this, the seemingly last puzzle laid out by Richard Crane.