Mr. Matt is a children’s book author.  He illustrates for books from beginning readers to high-low books.  He also writes short chapter books for elementary age kids.

He has a website completely separated from  No adult related content (romances, philosophy, etc.) comes in contact with


Early Readers:

Adaline and the Big, Bad Bedtime:

A simple, three part illustrated book designed for two to three year olds that get scared of the dark.

Synopsis: Adaline is not scared of the dark… but her parents are!  The clever Adaline uses many tricks to scare her parents and afterward she explains how she pulled of each prank.  At the end of the night, she explains to her parents why they should not be so scared of the dark.  The scary monsters are all part of Adaline’s many pranks!


Gabby Eats a Spider:

An standard illustrated book designed for children transitioning into their first weeks of school.

Synopsis: Gabby is in the first grade and she really doesn’t want to listen to any adults.  She doesn’t want to eat her vegetables.  She doesn’t want to listen to her teachers.  She devices a new and amazing way to get the adults to listen to her.  She promises to eat a spider if she doesn’t get her way… and it works!  The adults do whatever she wants… just don’t eat that spider!

White Squirrel Colorful World:

Illustrated short chapter book for readers around the third grade reading level.

Synopsis: Merle is a white squirrel living in a colorful world.  He’s never seen another squirrel that looks like him.  When the sly Mr. Fox mentions that he has seen other white squirrels, Merle begins a transformative journey to find his place in the world.

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Hector the Gentle Alligator:

A short mystery novel designed for kids who like Alice in Wonderland or Mary Poppins length or Stuart Little length books.

Synopsis: Vika is a young Aboriginal girl who must make new friends in a new school.  Meanwhile, she unravels the mystery of the red alligator living in a nearby swamp!  The gentle red alligator has a twin brother that is as white as a ghost, and just as haunting.  Follow Vika as she uncovers a sinister plot involving her favorite school subject: science.