Hector the Gentle Alligator is a children’s story written by Mr. Matt.  The story follows the journey of a young Aboriginal girl, Vika, as she comes to terms with her unstable mother, being bullied in school, and the discovery a mysterious plot set to destroy her small community.  She befriends a gentle red alligator whose unusual coloration just might be the most important discovery in Australian history.

[Publisher’s Note:  This is another rough, rough draft.  I’m a little iffy on where to start the narration.  Should I nix the narrator?  He wants to pop in throughout the story, but I don’t know if it makes it funny or makes it weird.  Enjoy!]

Part 1:

Vika ascends Alligator River

Vika breaks and enters

Vika leaves the porch

Vika goes home

Vika feeds Hector

Vika gets a detention

Vika is home alone

Vika runs away

Part 2:

Hector goes into hiding

Hector is caught

Hector is too gentle

Hector finds a search party

Hector goes for a swim

Hector saves a little girl

Hector catches an evil man

Hector goes due south

Hector is always watching