Stacy Stillwater is from Rochester, Wisconsin.  She lived in Chicago for many years, but after a messy divorce she moved near her parents to take care of her mother, who had a heart attack, and her father, who has dementia.  She hates that her mother watches those sappy romance channels, especially around the holidays.  Stacy’s goal in life is to spruce up the holiday love story tradition with a little more camp and delightful plot twists.


Help! I’m Stuck in a Hallmark Christmas Movie… Egads!

The heroine in our story lives in a large, lonely Victorian house in the middle of a peaceful hamlet where all is well and love is blossoming.  Generic Woman is single and doesn’t have family nearby.  When Christmas comes around, she wanders into a homeless shelter to donate food and volunteer her time.  She meets a dashing man with a lantern jaw and eyes like silver magnets… she just can’t look away.  She wonders how such a good looking man could be homeless.  Never mind that the homelessness rate in this idyllic town is zero and that this meet-cute is all a plot device.  Her curiosity is too strong.  Why is he homeless?  So she asks him…

Generico and the Horror of St. Valentine

Love and horror are mixing this Valentine’s Day in the peaceful little hamlet of Generico, Wisconsin.