Series: A contemporary romance between two characters stuck in a hamlet that at first blush appears to be made for the Hallmark Channel.  Here, a grieving thirty-something interior decorator falls for a handsome, but down-on-his-luck, B-list actor with eyes like silver magnets.

Author: Stacy Stillwater

Major Characters: Chelsea, the industrial, interior decorator; Handsome Homeless Man who currently doesn’t have a name

Minor Characters: Mrs. Willis, the town busy-body; the ghost of Chelsea’s mother (hmm… is this turning into a romance with paranormal elements?  What’s going on in Generico?)

[My Standard Disclaimer: The links on this page are rough, rough draft chapters.  All Rights Reserved.  Send me an e-mail if you want to see more chapters in this world.  E-mails keep me motivated!]

Ch1: Eyes Like Silver Magnets

Ch2: The Christmas Commercial

Ch3: Dream Come True

Ch4: Uncertain Amnesia

Ch5: The Telenovela

Ch6: The Reverse Pretty Woman

Ch7: Our Nascent Company

Ch8: The Producer

Ch9: Conflict of Interest

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